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Intelligent Ice CHILLBALL Fruit Chill Edition Lime and Cherry

Just Chillin USA

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CHILLBALL is the answer to keeping a glass of wine chilled. Once frozen, clip CHILLBALL to the rim of your wine glass. Hygienic and reusable it won’t affect the flavor while helping to keep wine at the perfect served temperature without compromising the taste.

CHILLBALL is safe, made with Tritan copolyester, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for contact with food.

Simply use the flexible clips to fasten CHILLBALL securely to the rim of your wine glass. When you pour a new glass, snap in a fresh ball The flexible clips.are available in different lengths so that CHILLBALL can be used with a wide range of traditionally shaped wine glass.

Stored in a convenient ‘ready-use’ ice box that doubles up as a carry case; take your chill with you!